October 17, 2017|
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As young kids, Bear and her brother Layne had a couple of opportunities to jaunt off to Disneyland. The magical memories left their mark on the siblings, who are unapologetic Disneyphiles to this day.

Song of the South and Jungle Book were their favorite tales—which (along with West Yellowstone) inspired The Hollow’s décor. (Walt Disney himself was a sucker for Yellowstone and Yosemite.) Most notably, the “Hither Tither Tree” in the center of the room is named after a scene in Splash Mountain at Disney World.

The 16-foot pine and other big logs around the store were scavenged from a cutting just down the road on Bellin. (See who helped drag the heavy loads home and install them in Our Story.)

We are sincerely excited to invite new friends into this warm little world of ours. It’s enchanting to see your names on Hither Tither. Glasses up: Here’s to making more memories.




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