December 23, 2017|
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Just over a year since we opened our doors, Bryan Forsmann has earned his way onto the Hither Tither Tree.

Our first and most loyal customer, Bryan started peering into The Hollow windows like a stalker before we even opened the doors. He’d heard about our little project at an Idaho Falls class reunion (from Bear’s brother Layne Nelson), and was excited to make new friends. We’re so glad he did!

Bryan has officially had more drinks in The Hollow than any other patron. (Except the owners, of course, but we’re here a little bit more than he is). He reached the required number to earn a Woodland Quaffer Club leaf on December 23rd, 2017.

But far more important than that, he has become our good friend. In our earliest days, he worked hard to share news about us with his personal network. And on his off-days, he has shown up randomly to help us with both engineering and heavy lifting. Sometimes he’ll even text great ideas when he’s off vacationing somewhere.

Bryan’s favorite story to tell is about the day he rescued Bear from tears – or from bashing-in her laser equipment – we’re not sure which was most likely. The sparkly new machine kept choking on an invisible error, and Bear (along with “tech support”) couldn’t find it. Bryan breezed into the shop with his trusty flashlight and set in to explore the beast. It was a single, slightly awonk screw that had hindered progress for weeks.

Sometimes we wonder if dear Bryan regrets getting close to a couple of misfits stumbling our way into a new business in a strange town. In any case, we are extremely pleased that Bryan’s name is permanently affixed to The Hollow.

Thank you, Mr. Forsmann. Here’s to earning your next leaf.

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