Limited edition

souvenir growlers.

Our growlers tell limerick tales of the grizzly and the bluebird. Limited to 72 prints per design.

For years Bear & Daniel have randomly road-tripped across the U.S. on “Growler Prowls”—our term for touring microbreweries one by one. A home storage room is crammed with hundreds of growlers from the various locations. Someday we’ll build more log hangers for them in The Hollow (assuming they’ll fit!).

We decided it would be fun to design our own growlers for other collectors. In addition to commemorating local events (like the Solar Eclipse of 2017), our artwork tells the story of two friends meandering (and drinking) their way through Idaho forests.

Bear & Blue also designs and prints growlers for other pubs in town. You’ve probably seen our work! If you’re interested in offering fun editions of your own, contact Bear & Blue.

Blank Growler. Beer.

Bear & Blue
“Invisibility Cloak”
Not really…
We’re thinking! 

Limited Edition Growler no. 2. The Hollow at Bear and Blue. Growler. Beer.

Bear & Blue
Currently on the shelf

The Hollow at Bear & Blue. Growler. Beer. Limited Edition Growler no.1.

Bear & Blue
“Friends in The Hollow”
Retired December 2017

Solar Eclipse 2017
Path of Totality
Retired August 2017

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