We are

working on it.

The Hollow is a work-in-progress inside and out. A hot and cold tapas menu is on our list.

It’s been no small task transforming this old hardware store into a warm hangout. Our entire kitchen had to fit into the old office space! We’re finally hammering down to our last details required for food service: frankensteining a handwash sink and renovating the counter space.

In the mean time, you’ll find plenty of snacks around the store to satisfy small appetites. We offer a fridge full of cheeses (Cahill Porter is the house-favorite), several salamis, salmon, prosciutto, gourmet tapenades, delicious dips (try the Macho Mayo), and a variety of dippers (including gluten-free).

If snacks aren’t enough, we welcome visitors to order-in. We even keep a list of nearby restaurants that deliver. However, please let the employee on duty know your outside-food plans ahead of time. We have a one-drink minimum for groups ordering in.

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