When attended by adults, kids are allowed in the retail seating area. Outdoors, kids are allowed on the front walks, and in the swing area at the edge of the patio.

Because The Hollow is like a woodsy playroom, young kids can get excitable and/or start climbing. This is not safe among the logs and product displays. We ask that visitors keep a close watch on small children. Parents with overly playful kids will be asked to exit; we hope you understand our concerns.

No one under 21 years old can be in the small taproom behind the log wall where beer is served. Children are also restricted from the fenced patio area. We are required to follow these rules by Idaho law that governs alcohol service.

Disability-service animals as well as emotional-support animals are allowed anywhere on the premises. Pets without official certification cannot come indoors due to severe allergies within the Royce family. Well behaved, licensed pets are welcome on the patio outside. We love dogs, and will probably play with yours.

Smoking is not allowed anywhere inside the building, near the doors, to the west of the patio, or on the patio. While we recognize that Idaho Falls has a large smoking population (which includes some of our friends), we have health restrictions here. Members of the Royce family have severe allergies, and we have friends with major respiratory disabilities. Thank you for understanding.

For liability/insurance reasons, we can no longer allow visits to the workshop without an appointment and a signed release of liability. Contact us.

We participate in philanthropic efforts that are most meaningful to us on a personal level. For the company’s founder, that means supporting kids facing similar challenges that Bear faced growing up in Idaho. Read more here.

No drop-in solicitations please. We carefully consider each philanthropic relationship and donation for its time/reward potential (for us to make a difference). Cash is never donated to on-site solicitors.

Please understand that Bear & Blue is a startup business with big goals in a small space with a skeletal staff. Our free time must be carefully prioritized, and drop-ins are distracting from profit-generating goals. We ask that any solicitations start with a request for appointment via email.

Job openings are listed on the Bear & Blue website. Please do not drop-in to inquire about a position. Application instructions are clearly outlined on the web page when positions are available. Later in the process, we’ll be happy to meet.

Yes, Bear is around. However, she’s probably covered in paint, smashing her thumbs, or banging on a keyboard. If you have product design or business questions, please reach out to Ashlee first. If you want to chat, share a tasting, or get your butt kicked at cards, text Bear well ahead of time (pretty-please).

Daniel is somewhere doing something. If you want to ask legal questions over beers, he is happy to make his way down to The Hollow, and you’re buying. Call him at (208) 809-4931. Consultations are free for about an hour.

Operating hours for The Hollow change seasonally. Every season and its observed holidays is listed here. Given our location on the quiet west edge of Idaho Falls, it makes sense cost-wise to adjust to business peaks and lulls. But sometimes we can be flexible. If a lively bunch is staying late, we will too. If you want to pop in with a group during off hours, text 785-393-7370 and we’ll check availability.

The drink menu is updated daily with current selections.

The Hollow is licensed to sell and serve beer, wine, and alcohol with less than 14% ABV. We do not have an Idaho state liquor license; nor do we plan to get one. Operating a full bar doesn’t fit our overall business model. So on the “liquor” menu, we offer low-octane pre-mixed drinks from Cutwater, Kahlua, and Jose Cuervo. Our coffees are available with low-ABV crèmes such as Rumchata (these are delicious steamed to foam). The drink menu is updated daily.

Yes … For now. We are currently working on our food service area (read more). Until then, we understand that customers get hungry. The store is full of chips, dips, meats, cheeses, and more. But if snacks aren’t enough, we welcome visitors to order-in. We even keep a list of nearby restaurants that deliver. However, please let the employee on duty know your outside-food plans ahead of time.

Meetups, groups, games, birthdays, and wakes are welcome any time we aren’t hosting an event. You can move tables and settle-in, as long as you aren’t disruptive to other visitors. There is a one-drink minimum for attendees of a gathering. As much as we like you, we also need to pay the electric bill.

If you want something more exclusive, The Hollow can be reserved. Just let us know at least a week in advance, and we’ll help you set up your special event.

> Here’s a great place to start the conversation.

During the longer days of summer (see seasonal hours) drinks are discounted between 2 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. Every second drink-by-the-glass is half price (BOGOH). Guests are given a wood token for the half-price drink that can be redeemed any day at any time.

On Saturdays throughout the year, you can save $1.00 off every drink for every children’s book you donate. Our “Bring a Book, Save a Buck” promotion stocks up the Little Free Library on the west side of the building.

We are always eager to open the patio. Thanks to our large propane heaters, we only wait for the snow to clear before breaking out the barrels. Please note that the patio does not have table service. Guests must be 21 to be on the patio. Minors are welcome on the west side of the patio fence. The area is nonsmoking.

We have searched long and hard for local musicians that fit The Hollow’s casual living room vibe. Given the small space, we strongly prefer the stylings of acoustic musicians. If you believe you have the right sound for a woodsy den, let’s talk.

At this time, we do not schedule live music regularly. We are interested in finding summer sounds for Thursdays and Sundays.

Whistle Stop Events are almost always accompanied by live music.

All of our furniture and displays were made next door in the Bear & Blue workshop. And yes, they are available by special order. The prices reflect the material and time required to handcraft these items. Orders take up to three weeks to complete. Some items (such as the pine tree handrails) are seasonal, as they are hunted on Island Park grounds in the summertime.

Materials: Pine and Cedar
$800 each
$965 each with imprint
$50 additional per cup holder

Chess Tables
Materials: Solid Walnut, Hickory, Birch, and Pine with solid iron stand
$700 each

Beer Signs
Materials: Pine
$165-200 each

1” Pine Shelves with Live Edge
Materials: Pine scavenged from Island Park
$40/foot finished

Rustic Handrails
Materials: Pine scavenged from Island Park
$20/foot finished

2” Walnut Shelves with Live Edge
Materials: Walnut scavenged from cuttings
$95 per 18 inch shelf

8’ x 2’ Planter Boxes
Materials: Pressure treated lumber and metal siding
$450 each

You’ll have to ask her. But she’s working right now.

P.S. Thaaaaat’s creepy…

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