A rising tide

lifts all boats.

Kennedy’s 1963 metaphor referred to economic policy, but we believe it’s just as applicable to education, culture, and community.

That’s just one reason we give back.

For entrepreneurs tackling a new project, it can be very hard to find the time or resources to give back. Work-life balance is a daily challenge. Company priorities require focus to succeed. And virtually every cent is spoken for. Nonetheless, it’s been proven that people who volunteer are generally healthier and feel more connected to their community. And teams that volunteer together naturally build up their morale.

So at Bear & Blue we squeeze in philanthropy that’s most meaningful to us personally. For the company’s founder, that means supporting kids facing similar challenges that she faced growing up in Idaho.

“Our expertise, talent, and space are available for helping boost Idaho higher education, entrepreneurship, and diversity. We also prioritize STEM and ‘maker’ learning opportunities—particularly for girls and women living in Idaho.

The bottom line is about creating opportunities in a state that currently sends only 17% of its kids into higher education or entrepreneurial paths. Across the U.S., Idaho ranks 44th for retaining adults born in the state, 48th in education, and 50th in average weekly wage.” — Bear

(Data via Pew Research Center and Don’t Fail Idaho)

Connect with us, and let’s work to improve those numbers together.

No drop-in solicitations. Bear & Blue carefully considers each philanthropic relationship and donation for its time/reward potential to make a difference. Cash is never donated to on-site solicitors.

Attention Idaho teachers! We will produce products for academic club fundraisers at-cost. Language, culture, and STEM programs are near & dear to us. Our store and workshop spaces are also available (outside regular business hours) for meetings & training. Let us help you expand your students’ worlds.

Please donate books. On the west side of the Bear & Blue workshop there’s an official Little Free Library for book-sharing around the neighborhood. Quality kids’ books can be dropped off at The Hollow (2292 W. Broadway). When we have enough books stored up we can host reading events in summertime.

Find out about events & sales ahead of time!

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